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revolutionary records pick n mixtape


is a hiphop artist from Morecambe UK

whos been writing and recording music for around 17 year's.

Origionaly startred off writing and recording with OLbers Paradox(logic and debree, Unprepared Poets)in and around the year 2000 and  was part of the group formerly known as  Ganggreen.

He has performed around the north at nights such as Hiphoperation and Talent of the shires.

HE dropped a solo mixtape named the pick and mixtape in 2008  which is a collection of tracks he had been working on . his debut album MUsic with Reason was released in 2010 which is a collaboration with Pro P who produced all the beats recorded and mixed all the tracks,Connect L Then went on to work on the northern darkness - winter solstice album alongside his revolutionary brothers Antidote and Olbers paradox which was released in late 2010 , things then went quite for connect logic due to becoming a father , around 2012 he got himself a little set up in his attic and began writing and recording again , linking back up with Antidote and Olbers paradox they began working on the next mixtape project wisc, around this time things started to get very political in terms of making music . , although he had touched on these topics before  always having political lines and agendas, this is really when things took a big leap towards spreading knowledge of how the way things really are . So one night recording in the make up studio in the attic, the 3 of them began brainstorming,thinking of ways to push this revolutionary style of music.

this is when  Revolutionary Records was born . Project wisc was then released in 2013 and the rest is history.

Connect logic & His TCS family (antidote & Olbers paradox) then decided to expand the revolutionarys and sign another local hip hop group the La5 who came together  as  the concentration camp, debut album THOUGHT CRIME  was released in 2015,

CONNECT LOGIC is currently working on the T.C.S mixtape set to be released very soon . !!

his style is said to be slightly unorthodox and is known for bringing complex metaphors and similes.

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Connect Logic

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